2020 Summer Workshop in the Economic History and Historical Political Economy of Russia

Due to COVID-19, the previously planned workshop for Paris has moved online. Keynote and paper sessions will be held on Zoom and are open to the public with advance registration. Paper sessions use cliometrics rules: a five-minute presentation followed by general discussion. Participants in paper sessions should read the (short) paper in advance; please contact the event organizers if you need the download password. The poster session will be held at the (Russian) History Workspace on Slack; please contact Scott Gehlbach if you are not already a member.


All keynote and paper sessions will be held at 8 pm Moscow time / 7 pm Paris time / 6 pm London time / 1 pm New York time / 12 pm Chicago time / 10 am California time.
  • June 4: Keynote address—Mark Harrison, “If You Do Not Change Your Behavior: Managing Threats to State Security in Lithuania under Soviet Rule” (with Eugenia Nazrullaeva)
  • June 11: Gerhard Toews and Pierre-Louis Vézina, “Enemies of the People”
  • June 25: Andrei Markevich and Natalya Naumenko, “The 1933 Soviet Famine” (with Nancy Qian)
  • July 9: Dmitrii Kofanov, “Land Inequality, Industrialization, and Unrest: Evidence from the Late Russian Empire”
  • July 16: Cancelled session
  • July 23: Ekaterina Zhuravskaya, “Diffusion of Gender Norms: Evidence from Stalin’s Ethnic Deportations” (with Alexandra Jarotschkin and Antonela Miho)
  • July 27–31: Poster session—Giovanni Cadioli, Otto Kienitz, Viktor Malein, Brendan McElroy, Timur Natkhov / Natalia Vasilenok, and Matthew Reichert
  • August 6: Eugenia Nazrullaeva and Imil Nurutdinov, “Discrimination, Market Entry Barriers, and Corporations in Imperial Russia”

Program Committee

Tracy Dennison (Caltech), Scott Gehlbach (University of Chicago), Andrei Markevich (New Economic School)